Imperfect Lives Perfect Grace


Imperfect Lives Perfect Grace follows the story of two women from different backgrounds in pursuit of manifesting God’s grace in the midst of tragedy and misfortunes. The story of Leah and Tamar explores the lives of these two women and what they teach us about incurring the scorn of others, the impact of sin on the innocent, surviving adversity, and experiencing God’s grace in hard places. They are very different and yet their lives both speak to the power of grace that comes when it is most needed. Dr. E.M. Johnson will take you through the twists and turns of life, pain, and ultimate redemption. This book is a powerful reminder that God’s grace is available to everyone who needs it.

In this book, you will learn:

  • The nature of the challenges facing Leah and Tamar and how their situations can have practical implications for persons in today’s world.
  • How decisions driven by passion alone can create a cascade of negative events that can end in sorrow.
  • Even a difficult and challenging beginning can be transformed into a positive end result with commitment and God’s grace.
  • The extensive collateral damage from David’s act of adultery and why sin was then and is now, not a solo event. The impact of individual decisions on others must always be considered.
  • It is possible to move forward from the worst day of their own life as these women did and find a way to move forward.


This is highly recommended for anyone who is seeking beauty in chaos, redemption in misfortunes, and God’s grace in the process of healing. Dr. E.M. Johnson will show you the reality of life and how these tragic series of events will eventually lead to His divinity. Get ready to turn the worst into something good. To find out more, grab a copy now!


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